Destination: Online hotel and flight reservation platform

Convention Destination

Why choose Destination?

  • To offer a full range of incoming services
  • To generate additional income
  • To help track registered delegates

Convention Destination

Convention Destination is the online incoming agency for your event. Your guests can book their trip online with no overhead for you; a team of professionals takes care of everything on your behalf.

A complete client experience

By offering this service, you are first and foremost providing your delegates with a complete package and making it easier for them to attend your event. Since the platform is centralized, it takes just a few clicks to reserve a hotel at specially negotiated rates and at the same time be confident that you have got the best price for your flight.

Capitalize on your brand

The application is designed to integrate visually with your website. You make use of the strength of your brand and the appeal of your website to offer a complete platform direct to your clients and delegates.

A free service which generates revenue for you

The Convention Destination service is free; our incoming agency manages the service and you receive payment based on how popular your event is: you are a source of business. Thus, you are recompensed directly through the incoming agency for the number of hotel and flight reservations generated by your event.

No management overheads

You can offer this high value-added service without the need to worry about managing room allocations or flight reservations. A dedicated, professional incoming agency, specializing in the events industry, takes care of everything and guarantees optimum management of all reservations with a results-oriented approach.


A proven online service, available 24 hours a day, linked directly to the room allocations and negotiated rates for your event. For both hotel and flight reservations, Convention Destination ensures availability and the best rates.

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